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Why should I book through a travel advisor?

Because you shouldn't need a vacation from planning your vacation!​

Travel advisors (like me) get to know your travel style and find accommodations and experiences that fit your trip to a tee. We handle the heavy lifting of researching, planning, and booking. Plus, thanks to our relationships in the travel world, we can score you exclusive perks and upgrades!

Wait... What do you mean by perks & upgrades?

Think the VIP treatment by the hotel, like room upgrades, free breakfast, spa credits, or a bottle of wine at check-in, just to name a few.

How much does it cost?

For hotel bookings and the perks that come with them -- it costs you nothing! The hotel pays me a small commission out of the regular rate you'll already be paying.​

For a more detailed itinerary, I charge a small planning fee based on the number of guests and days of traveling. This fee covers non-commissionable work such as researching, planning activities, and making restaurant reservations. 

What types of travel do you book?

You name it, I can book it -- Couples getaways, over-nights, international trips, cruises, family vacations, honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties!

What if I've already booked my hotel?

Forward your reservation confirmation to my email at I'll work with the hotel to VIP your stay and add available perks.

Do you book Airbnbs and Vrbo?

Yes and No -- I can book private homes, condos, villas, etc. with options all over the world that are professionally managed (so no surprises!). Just no booking through the Airbnb or Vrbo. Airbnb nor Vrbo works with travel advisors, and I would have no channel to advocate for you if anything were to go not as planned or not meeting your standards. 

Can I use miles or reward points to book my travel with you?

Yes! .... and no. Hotels will not offer perks and VIP upgrades with points booking. What I recommend is booking your flights with points and then letting me handle the rest! 

How do I get started?

Drop me an email at or fill out a travel planning questionnaire and let's chat about your plans!

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